GULP Workshop at Alawa Primary

So our GULP project is all about tapping into the amazing community we have here in Darwin that use produce that grows here and sharing the knowledge.

A couple of weeks ago we held a GULP workshop at Alawa Primary School, facilitated by Erin Vaid. Erin runs the kitchen part of the kitchen garden program at Alawa Primary School and knows a lot about cooking local tropical produce. Children at the primary school, in yrs 3-6 have a kitchen and garden lesson every week. The garden is part of the farm and there are also goats, chickens and at the moment cows.

A lot of Erin’s inspiration comes from India, where her husband is from and her background as a chef. She lives with her husband and daughter in Darwin.

Erin and Family

20 enthusiastic people from the Darwin community joined us in the kitchen to cook  delicious dishes in small groups and then eat together and share local cooking ideas. It was really lovely to bring everyone together and share ideas, and learn from Erin.

Jackfruit curry cooks

Recipes are now on the recipe page, or click the photos below.

Recipes included a green Mango salad, what better way to enjoy the start of the mango season-

Green Mango salad2A jicama salad with local herbs and peanuts….

Jicama salad 3Jicama salad

Jackfruit curry with local tomatoes and coconut milk ….

Banana trunk curryJackfruit fritters with Asian dipping sauce

Jackfruit frittasBrazilian spinach parcels

Brazilian spinach and feta triangles

A taro curry….

Taro curry (Erin recipe)A banana trunk and chicken curry

Banana shoot ingredients

With these ingredients above, cooked with laughter …

Banana curry stiring

Banana shoot curry

and last but not least an amazing raw sapodilla and coconut tart.

bindi Sapodilla

Raw Sapadillo tart 2 What a feast!

Table fullWe can’t wait till next time, Thanks Erin… and remember we are always looking for your input, so contact us, even if you would like to share just one recipe! Lets celebrate what we can grow in our back yards, schools, nature strips and cook together!

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  1. Wow look at all the delicious food! My mouth is watering! Thank you for sharing, it looks like everyone had an amazing time. Food tastes so much better when it’s made with love.

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