Below are some of the recipes we have tried out, or have evolved from workshops and community members. We try and test them and the tried and tested ones will eventually make it to our amazing cook book, made for the community, by the community with credit those sharing them.  Click on the pictures to get the recipes!


Bhavini curry

Bhavini, who is on the GULP events team, long term Darwin resident, and with Indian roots, cooked this great Cassava curry at our roots workshop at The Mulch Pit!


Jack fruit curry

This is the Jackfruit curry recipe that Erin at Alawa Primary school showed us how to make at The Community cooking GULP session held there


Jicama salad 2

This great and fragrant jicama salad is another of Erin’s great recipes. Made at the GULP community workshop held at Alawa Primary School.


Green Mango salad2

This is Erin’s raw mango salad that was made at the GULP community cooking session at Alawa Primary School

Green mango salad

This is a slightly different version of Green Mango salad, as made in the Healthy Darwin workshop at Alawa Primary School (Sep 14)


pumpkin and coco soup

Emma (from Alawa)’s Pumpkin and Coconut Soup with ginger (as made for Incredible Weekend at Lakeside Drive community garden) 


pawpaw wedges 2

 Gina (from Nakara)’s Roasted pawpaw wedges with Dan (from Aweganic garden)’s salad mix as made for the Tropical Garden Spectacular Community Cafe tasting platters.


Brazilian spinach and feta triangles

Erin, from Alawa Primary School’s spinach and feta parcels, made at the GULP community wet season cooking workshop at Alawa Primary School.


Raw Sapadillo tart 2

This raw sapodilla desert was cooked at Erin’s Alawa Primary School workshop!


Taro curry (Erin recipe)

This is a Taro curry recipe. It is a great recipe that Erin adapted and added banana trunk to, to show how it was used at our GULP community cooking workshop.  The one above Emma made with a little added coconut and salt for a Healthy Darwin community workshop.

Taro in spicy coconut sauce 2

This is Taro cooked in coconut milk, as shown by Emma Lupin, at The Healthy Darwin roots and shoots workshop at Alawa Primary School (Sep 14)

Tumeric tonic


This is Sophie Edward’s turmeric health tonic, as shown at the GULP demonstrations of the Tropical Garden Spectacular in the community village! (2014)

Bush Tucker (or feral foods)


Cane toad legs

The above recipe is Rod’s canapés of cane toads with garlic butter! This was demonstrated at the GULP cooking demos at the Tropical GArden Spectacular in June 2014

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