Camp Oven Cook Off in Humpty Doo

On a warm September day in Humpty Doo, the air was filled with a smell of smoke and delcious smells from inventive and incredible dishes. A camp oven cook off was underway and the competition was fierce; with 6 teams competing of rural residents, sourcing ingredients from local farmers or their own bush blocks; all inspired by the theme “Saltwater Cowboy”

Each team had to cook an entry to put into 4 highly competetive rounds, accompanied by a story of the source of the food and the concept. The starter or drink, 2x main courses and a desert.

The winner of the starter event was Crocodile and Green Ant Sushi by the Wrigley Creek Mob.

KR5A782470239933_413317592649758_5599456877927727104_oThe Recipe

Crocodile fillets- seared in a camp skillet
Sweet Potatoes- cooked in a camp oven
Green Ants- caught and frozen

Sushi Rice
Nori paper

Thanks to Litchfield Council for making the documentation of this possible. The full recipe will be published in Off The Leash Magazine.




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