Educational Resources

This page guides you to some great fact sheets, some books that are really awesome to have around with great info on tropical growing, cooking and sustainability and leads you to some helpful websites. I will try and add more to this as I go along, as there are endless helpful recourses out there!


Click Local Produce Fact Sheets to visit the local produce list page with ‘Taste of The Top End’  Local Produce Fact sheets and City of Darwin Local Fruit fact sheets.

Click Local Produce Recipes to visit the page with a list of ‘Taste of The Top End’ recipes

The below fact sheets are a series created through DGEN (Darwin Garden Education Network)

What is Permaculture 

Pest and Weed Management

Healthy Living Soil






Pollination Seed Saving 


All books by  Michael Pollan

Rosemary Morrow, Earth Users Guide to Permaculture

Leonnie Norrington, Tropical Food Gardens

Claire Richards, Tropical Cuisine

David Susuki, Sacred balance

Dilafruz R. Williams and Jonathan D. Brown, Learning Gardens and Sustainability Education – bringing life to schools and schools to life (2012).


Over the past few years Wulagi Primary School has employed a Sustainability Educator to provide support for teachers by enhancing their sustainability lessons. As a result several useful learning resources have been developed, specific to teaching sustainability in the top end. I have provided a few of them in PDF format below. If you would like more information please contact me at

Green Curriculum Tree – This tree was designed bearing the permaculture principal “design from patterns to details” in mind. With so many changes in staff, interests and even resource availability in primary schools I found it most useful to identify key ethics for  different age groups to master. These ethics can be taught through any mediums and many different topics.