Mulch Pit Roots coming up!

PawpawGULP is also working with the Mulch Pit community GArden and they have just installed a new kitchen! On Sunday we are inviting people to a roots work shop and food share. Here are the details-

GULP NT and The Mulch Pit Community Garden 

invite you to a wonderful afternoon of cooking focusing on two easy to grow local root vegetables: Cassava and Taro!

In the relaxing environment of the new outdoor kitchen overlooking the community garden at Nightcliff Uniting Church, we plan to:

* Talk about how to grow, harvest and make use of all parts of these these vegetables
* Have fun watching/joining in a couple of cooking demonstrations
* Talk about a favourite root vegetable recipe of our own
* Share a meal together later in the afternoon

 This is happening on Sunday April 13th from 3:00pm  to 6:30pm at the outdoor kitchen at Nightcliff Uniting Church.

Bring some food to share if possible containing cassava or taro or a root vegetable ( e.g. sweet potato) grown locally.

Children and a sense of adventure welcome

An RSPV to (GULP NT)  would be appreciated but not essential or join our event on facebook

So if you want to know more about local roots or share your ideas come along.

Taro mediumcassava


Looking forward to seeing you there


 Emma, Lucy, Shirley and the GULP and Mulch Pit teams

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