Eat Local, Feed Global

We also had a wonderful food share and work shop at the Mulch Pit back in November for Eat Local, Feed Global Oxfam campaign that highlights the craziness of our food systems and how eating local can help others further away!.

talk crowdThe night was a beautiful twighlight evening and raised money  for a great cause and let us share some food and recipes at the same time as show casing the origins of the food- in the gardens!

Penny tour There was a local food dish bring a dish competition which GULP NT (Bhavini and Emma) were the judges of.  It was hard to judge because all the dishes were so excellent.

We loved the use of local eggs in the great frittata style dishes and will be popping some recipes like this on line and in the book-

FrittataThere were also some amazing curries and of particular note was one that used entirely plants from the garden as the paste- lemon grass, Thai basil, kaffir lime leaves, limes and I think even the green paw paw (the main ingredient) was local and the coconut milk. This was made by Sonya and we decided took the prize- a fair trade food package wit local harvest! (Fiona Left, Emma- GULP- right)

sonya wins prize

Louise also made a great curry, but someone at the market had made the paste for her (mainly local though)

And Lucy’s salad was quite remarkable, the use a typical savoury root veg.  (sweet potato) with pineapple, coconut and herbs and a splash of oil. Delicious!

Pineapple and sweet potato salad

A wonderful evening of many in The Mulch Pit…

Below are picture of people explaining their dishes (or eggs)

Egg girlLou explainsOur next workshop is on Sunday, please come along!


Mulch Pit Roots coming up!

PawpawGULP is also working with the Mulch Pit community GArden and they have just installed a new kitchen! On Sunday we are inviting people to a roots work shop and food share. Here are the details-

GULP NT and The Mulch Pit Community Garden 

invite you to a wonderful afternoon of cooking focusing on two easy to grow local root vegetables: Cassava and Taro!

In the relaxing environment of the new outdoor kitchen overlooking the community garden at Nightcliff Uniting Church, we plan to:

* Talk about how to grow, harvest and make use of all parts of these these vegetables
* Have fun watching/joining in a couple of cooking demonstrations
* Talk about a favourite root vegetable recipe of our own
* Share a meal together later in the afternoon

 This is happening on Sunday April 13th from 3:00pm  to 6:30pm at the outdoor kitchen at Nightcliff Uniting Church.

Bring some food to share if possible containing cassava or taro or a root vegetable ( e.g. sweet potato) grown locally.

Children and a sense of adventure welcome

An RSPV to (GULP NT)  would be appreciated but not essential or join our event on facebook

So if you want to know more about local roots or share your ideas come along.

Taro mediumcassava


Looking forward to seeing you there


 Emma, Lucy, Shirley and the GULP and Mulch Pit teams

Banana trunk and more at My Sister’s Kitchen

The GULP project has been happening, with some great local food shares and workshops, to come up with some lovely local recipes using seasonal produce, from the community, for the community!

We have so far been working in collaboration with various organisations including My Sister’s Kitchen (Darwin Community Arts). My Sister’s kitchen encourages women from all backgrounds in the community, to come together and share art and crafting and cooking on Mondays in Malak. The Malak community centre also has a wonderful garden. If you want to get involved, come along or contact Darwin Community Arts.

Zeba? and Sandar Tun in garden banana trunk

At the end of last year we started running work shops in conjunction with My Sister’s kitchen and the lovely ladies there, to see and share how they cook some of our wonderful local produce.

We have had several workshops there and today we just had another one which came up with some great recipes…


We take lots of fresh local ingredients to the sessions, sourced from gardens or the market and see what everyone would like to cook or learn to cook.

We started off looking at green or slightly ripening pawpaw. We started making raw pawpaw salad with shredded pawpaw, peanuts, lime, palm sugar,chilli, fish sauce and fresh coriander and Rosia and Marcia added their own stance on it, adding grated cucumber, which added a refreshing crunchy twist..

Rosia and MArcia pawpaw

Sandar Win and Maaye, who are from Bhurma and have been cooking with banana parts for a long time, showed us all how to prepare banana trunk and make a great salad..

Banana trunks are cut down after harvesting a bunch of bananas and the heart of this trunk can make wonderful dishes. Sandar Tun says that the sweeter the bananas, the better the trunk for cooking. The trunk we used was from sugar bananas.

The trunk is peeled to get to the middle part and then this is finely sliced.

Sandar Win

The slices are soaked in water and turmeric, so they don’t go black. This is then blanched in hot water and squeezed out.

The photo below shows two ways the banana trunk can look when cut. The lower piece, with more defined markings is the better part or type of trunk for cooking with.

Banana trunk parts

Garlic, mint, coriander, chilli, fish sauce, lime juice and salt are added. Hopefully we didn’t forget to mention anything! The result is really delicious. And the salad is also looks beautiful. It had quite a few chillies in, but these could definitely be changed to taste.

Sandar Tun and banana trunk

Sandar Tun showed us a version of green pawpaw soup. You can pick a really green pawpaw or one on the turn. This one was on the turn (starting to ripen) and cut into thin parts, put in a pan with peanuts, thai coriander, tumeric, salt and chilli.

Pawpaw soup start

It is then boiled with coconut milk. The result is a rich and delicious tasting soup!

Pawpaw soup

All of the wonderful food was shared with some dhal cooked by Jacob and rice together and marked the end of another great session and some new inspiration of how to cook our local produce.

Soon (we promise) written out recipes with quantities will be uploaded to the web!

Eating 2A big thank you to all the ladies for sharing your knowledge and to DCA/ MSK for letting us run the workshops!

ladies group